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Welcome in my site.


My name is   Guido Sodini.    I live in San Gennaro, Lucca,   (JN53HV)   Tuscany, Italy, 250 mt above sea level.   I am  active  in  the  HAM  community  since 1977.  Unfortunately,  it wasn’t until  approximately  1990  that  I was  able  to  receive my first licence with the call IW5DDB, subsequently  extended  to  the  call  IK5ZAJ.   I  graduated  in  telecommunications  at  PISA Institute  of  Electronics  and  Telecommunications,  which   have  always  been  my favourite hobbies  since my youth.   I like sending  on all bands and modes, even  if I privilege HFs and when I have some time available, as we all do,    I spend it  hunting      in   they    hase   for   the  “new one”.

73 IK5ZAJ de Guido and good hunting on the bands!

Luky Dog       

My beautiful Dogs - Luky , Lilly (sk) , Asso


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